Interested in having the Film Festival Collective at home?

Access to the Film Festival Collective is available free-of-charge to all XFINITY subscribers across a 13-state region. If you don't currently subscribe to XFINITY, you're in luck; our friends at the Atlanta Film Festival have struck a deal with XFINITY and have been authorized to offer the best rates available to their dedicated and loyal audience, friends, and family. 

As they say, it's all about who you know

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What does 'best rates available' mean?
It means that our Atlanta Film Festival representative will be able to give you discounted rates that you can't get directly from XFINITY. We're kind of like a secret society, only less ominous and more friendly... and we love movies and tv shows.

Just how good of rates are we talking?
Let's just say it's definitely worth the :30 second email, AND it's worth our time in making sure you know about it; we always want our audience to get the best of the best. Whether it's with the films we curate, or with how you get to access them, what matters to you is what matters to us; which includes the dollars you earn and spend. XFINITY gave us everything we need to get at the heart of what matters to all of us. 

What services are included in these rates?
Cable, internet, home phone, and home security. All available in a variety of bundles to suit whatever best suits your needs. Every bundle comes with the brand new X1 box and remote; these are huge improvements that have taken today's most popular streaming services, and what you love about them, into account. As for internet, XFINITY automatically passes along its upgrades in internet speed to their subscribers. That means that whatever base level you start at will only improve.

Okay, I'm interested in more information. What do I do?
Just fill out the form to the left, and our friendly representative from the Atlanta Film Festival will contact you to fully lay out your options and set-up your service. You don't even have to call XFINITY! No automated call-systems, no elevator-music wait times; just an actual festival staffer, taking the time to make sure you get everything you need. And she's super picky about making sure she can only give the best.