Film Festival Collective
Marketing Kit

❑  Press Releases (2 required)
❑  Blog post
❑  Newsletter/email-blast
(4 required mentions per year)
❑  Pre-show slides
❑  Program guide inclusion

❑  Dedicated page within festival website (required)
      ❑  Info-graphics
      ❑  30-second TV spot
      ❑  Logos
      ❑  Region map
❑  Follow FFC social media accounts
❑  Social Media Posts (12 required mentions per year)
❑  Retweet/Share FFC posts
❑  FAQs


Two FFC press releases are required to be serviced, in addition to a minimum of 4 email/newsletter mentions per year.

  • Press Releases
    The first step in promoting a festival's partnership with Film Festival Collective is servicing a press release about joining the program. Attached is a template press release with highlighted areas for each festival to plug in their own information. A second press release should be issued about the first films from your festival to launch in the program within 30 days of airing.
  • Blog post
    In addition to the formal press release, it is a good idea for each festival to also have a blog post on their website that lays out the basics of Film Festival Collective to its general community. For an example, see Atlanta Film Festival's blog post:
  • Newsletter/email-blast
    A festival newsletter or dedicated email-blast is a great opportunity to inform your audience that they can watch your official selections—and those of other renowned festivals—right at home. Four newsletter/email-blast inclusions are required per year.
  • Pre-show slides
    Advertising Film Festival Collective in pre-show slides is a great way to reach people during the festival. Visually striking slides detailing your festival's involvement in the Collective could be visible by hundreds or thousands of festival patrons (depending on the size of your festival).
  • Program guide inclusion
    Advertising Film Festival Collective in your program guide could be another high-visibility way to reach your audience and let them know that they can watch more of your festival's official selections at home.


One dedicated FFC page is required.

  • Dedicated page within festival website
    It is necessary for each involved festival to have a highly visible page dedicated to Film Festival Collective on their website. Include all basic information and direct viewers to For an example, see Atlanta Film Festival's FFC page:
  • Info-graphics
    Aside from WHAT Film Festival Collective is, the most important thing to communicate to your followers is HOW they can watch these films. Below are three infographics that explain how to find the program across the three different platforms. Use these wherever you see fit. (Click for full resolution.)
  • 30-second TV spot
    A 30-second TV spot will air in the Big South region to promote FFC. You can share it on your website, social media or during your festival. The Vimeo link is:
  • Logos
    The Film Festival Collective logos are very specific and tailored to XFINITY standards. Below are several approved versions you may use. (Click for full resolution.)
  • Region Map
    A map of the region (where FFC is available to XFINITY customers) is available below. (Click for full resolution.)

Social Media

A minimum of 12 FFC social media mentions are required per year.

  • Follow FFC social media accounts
    Each film festival should follow Film Festival Collective's social media accounts, encourage their supporters to follow FFC and tag FFC as necessary.
  • Social Media Posts
    The official Film Festival Collective hashtag is #FestivalCollective and should be used liberally across all social media platforms. This is also the voice command used on the X1 Platform.
    • General Facebook example:
      [Film Festival name] has partnered with [Film Festival Collective linked page], joining film festivals from all over the Southeast to offer up some exciting content On Demand! You can watch exclusive short films and music videos from your favorite festivals without ever leaving home! #FestivalCollective [link]
    • General Twitter example:
      [Film Festival name] has partnered with @FestCollective. Watch film festival official selections at home On Demand with #FestivalCollective. [link]
  • Retweet/Share FFC posts
    Ultimately, we want each festival to encourage people to follow Film Festival Collective on both the FFC website and through social media. However, each festival must commit to promoting FFC on it's own social media platforms. FFC will be highlighting individual films each week through website blog posts and social media posts. Each festival should replicate or retweet/share these posts as applicable.